Fall kayaking is peaceful and quiet

This fall the reservoir has been especially quiet. Just a few fisherman in their small electric boats are encountered at this time of year. The adult eagles are still being spotted and one was seen perching quite close to the shore on our October 17th tour. There are even reports of juvenile eagle still hanging around and one person we ran into says she saw a golden eagle. Black bears have been sighted this year more than any year in the past. The bears are quite peaceful going about their business and we have had a few chances at observing them foraging under tree stumps and big rocks.

On October 17th we ran a nice private tour for Andy and Linda from Towson and they had a great time. It was their first kayaking trip and they were quite happy that it went so well and the kayaking was easy for them. We got a great look at the male bald eagle, a few hawks and a flock of common mergansers.