Details on the Savage Rez Kayak Tour

All trips include: guides, boats (single or double) paddles, life jackets and a nice picnic make-it-yourself lunch.

  • $65 per adult
  • $55 Under 18

What You Will Do: We start you off right with a brief dry land kayak lesson and kayaking class on technique, safety, and equipment. We paddle with and teach how to use off-set paddle blades so you learn the sport correctly.

Depending on the conditions we may paddle to the headwaters at Big Run or paddle to the Middle Fork of the Savage and Spring Lick. We paddle for about 90 minutes before lunch and one hour after. The guides set up a picnic buffet lunch where you make your sandwiches with good bread and all the fixings, some sides with a sweet snack. At the end of the trip the guides take care of all equipment ~ no fuss no muss.

The group can spread out with no danger of being run over by a motorboat or tipped by big wakes. The un-crowded atmosphere on the lake means that some folks can paddle a lot and explore the shorelines and coves, and some can just float and relax, and watch the eagles soar.

  • Total time in the boats is about 2-2½ hours. Over the years we have found that anyone in average physical condition can handle our trip. The guides carry a tow rope so if kids get pooped out or the wind picks up they will provide some assistance

Dress for the weather and bring too much rather than not enough

  • Quick drying shorts or pants (jeans are not recommended)
  • t-shirt
  • Bathing suit under your shorts and t-shirt
  • Water shoes, or river sandals. Sneakers ok. Flip flops not the best but if that’s all you have, ok. Shoreline can be a little rugged.
  • Water bottle. You do get drinks with lunch but everyone should have a water bottle.
  • Sunscreen, sunglasses, brimmed hat
  • Sweatshirt and windbreaker in cooler or rainy days.
  • Change of clothes and towel on rainy days in the car.
  • Bugs are not bad and the guides rarely if ever use repellant.
  • Cameras and cell phones – ok – but you bring them at your own risk.


The Kayak Tour meets in the fall at the Weather Station Put-In near the dam.

  • Most Fall Savage Rez Kayak Tours run from 11am until 3pm.

Important Weather Note
Trips Run Rain or Shine. You are expected to show up at the Dry Run put-in regardless of the weather. Scattered thunderstorms can pretty much be the weather pattern all summer. Guide carries a rain tarp to cover lunch and a little rain is always refreshing. The weather at the Lake is not always a good indicator of the weather at the reservoir since the reservoir is 700 feet below Deep Creek Lake in elevation and at times DCL is in the clouds and rainy and the reservoir is below the clouds and just overcast. A dry change of clothes is the best defense against a wet tour. Enjoy the rain:)

This is one of Maryland’sfinest nature tours and a western Maryland outdoor adventure you won’t want to miss. It’s Deep Creek Lake family fun for all ages and a fun family trip in the great outdoors. It’s guided so you don’t have to pack anything and it’s an all inclusive tour with all equipment and a nice lunch. If you are looking for a weekend outdoor retreat near Washington DC, Baltimore or Pittsburgh, PA ~ All Earth Eco Tours and The Deep Creek Lake Area have you covered. Call us for full information. We’ve got and easy and fun adventure just for you!

If you enjoyed your tour a guide gratutiity is appreciated.