Snowshoeing Tours



  • GUIDE FEE AND RENTAL EQUIPMENT: $40 per person adults, $35 per youth (under 16). (minimum group size may apply call for info). If you miss your tour and are over 15 minutes late you will most likely BE charged. We do turn folks away when the trip is full. You can bring your own snowshoes but there is no discount.
  • All tours include snowshoes, hot cocoa, and guide
  • Advance Reservations REQUIRED.
  • Call 301-746-4083 or 1-800-446-7554.
  • Regularly Scheduled 2 Hour Tours:
    ~ 10 AM until 12:00 noon
    ~ Saturday & Sunday
  • Custom and private tours available. The minimum tour fee is $160.00 which means that groups of two are $80 each (great for couples here on mid-week or off days) and three folks $53.30 each.

Snowshoeing is a group activity and the more the merrier—- get some friends to join you! Maximum group size is 15 – however we may be able to accommodate more if we have enough notice.

Snowshoeing tours are doable for most folks in average shape.

THE MORE SNOWY THE WEATHER THE BETTER! Allow adequate time for driving, 35-40 minutes travel from the Wisp should leave you a good cushion.

What You Will Do:  Snowshoes allow you to cruise through the woods since most of the underbrush and debris on the forest floor is buried under the snow. The hardpack or powder is difficult to impossible to walk in, but the snowshoes either pack out a trail, or stay on top and we can go just about anywhere with the greatest of ease. Snowshoeing is a great group sport because we take turns breaking trail and once the path is packed it’s smooth sailing for everyone behind. Trails at times are followed but not required, we’ll make our own some of the time. Prepare for some bush pushing, and backcountry fun.

Dress in layers or in clothes you can unzip and ventilate. You’re active and don’t want to be to over dressed. Hats, gloves/mittens, goggles and facemasks if frigid. Some folks like to carry a small daypack with water and extra clothing layer (optional). In most cases you want to be sort of cool when we start.

Any snowboot, or boot with uppers above the ankle will work. Wal Mart sells rubber bottomed boots with a nylon upper and a removable wool felt liner. This type of boot is warm, can be found cheap at discount shoe stores and big box stores and are the best. The deluxe version is the Sorel.

RELEASE FORMS: You can download and print our (2page) release form, you can fill it out and bring it with you to save time and cold fingers.

Guide gratuities are customary and appreciated for service well rendered. Our guides work hard to show you a great time please feel free to reward them for good service. Thank you.

Call for All Earth Eco Tours Snowshoeing Info and Reservations
1-800-446-7554 or 301-746-4083

Outdoors Maryland – with All Earth Eco Tours! “Walking in Winter” the middle segment of this 25 minute program.


“Hi Crede, We had a fabulous time snowshoeing with you today! Thanks so much! The pictures tell the story of our afternoon perfectly. Happy New Year! Beth, Michael, Dan, Hillary and Adrienne Ross”

Thanks so much for the great snowshoe tour through Swallow Falls January 9th! We had a great time exploring that beautiful park. Hope to see you again this winter! Mike & Jen Pittsburgh PA

Hello Crede,
Just a few lines to let you know how much I enjoyed my very first snowshoeing adventure. My sister found out about your tours and I flew in from Dallas, TX to spend my birthday weekend hiking through nature. I didn’t quite know what to expect but I must say it was the best birthday I’ve had since I’ve been grown. I enjoyed every bit of it and will recommend it to friends and family. Thanks for educating me on the trees. I think I’m developing a fascination with them and have even hugged a few!! You’re the best!!

Thank you, God bless you and have a great day!

Lisa Duette-King

Hi Crede – This is Judi Schiff. I enjoyed my snow shoeing adventure on Sunday and so did my daughter! Thanks! Judi

Hi All Earth,
Kim & I had a GREAT time Sunday! It was a beautiful day & the hike was awesome. We especially loved the falls & the quiet of the woods. It was great for novices & even though we weren’t too sure about crossing that bridge…we were glad we made it without falling in! If we are able to return next year, we will be sure to call you for another hike. Take care~
Cindy Geary