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Out-Of-The-Box and Into the Woods Team Building Programs and Group Retreats in the Deep Creek Lake Resort area since 2000

Here are some brief descriptions of our programs. Please call for full details and creative ideas. Programs can be mixed. matched and customized. References and insurance certificate available upon request.

  • Our team building programs feature unique and authentic fun learning adventures that build mind, body and spirit.
  • Programs offered in the backcountry, on the water and down on the farm.
  • We custom design the activity or retreat with you to develop and meet your groups objectives and goals.
  • Programs from a few hours to a few days and from mild to wild.
  • Programs can include lodging such as rustic yet comfortable glamping facilities or deluxe rental homes or hotel accommadations. Meal packages available as well.
  • Indoor programs and ART programs are also available: drum making, mask making, medicine shields, mandala workshops, vision quests and more.
  • Organic Farm Programs and Farm Day Camps for Kids


Full Day Team Survivor – Groups sizes from 14 to  65 – Ages 12 and up
This is our premier full day program that provides your group an opportunity for:

  • Outdoor skill development
  • Leadership, teamwork and delegation skills
  • Arts and creativity
  • Direction following and details
  • Nature observation
  • Fun learning in nature
  • Accomplishment and challenge

Program Synapses
Your group is divided into teams (tribes) and each tribe follows a parallel yet seperate path through the days adventure (approx 6 hours). The tribe selects a Chief, Scribe, and Keeper that help their tribe accomplish a variety of tasks. Through following directions, problem solving, map navigation the tribe completes a scavenger hunt, sets up a survival camp, develops a tribal identity through art, and performs a skit, song, dance or chant for the other tribes. During the program small groups of the tribes members accomplish individual challenges and retreive items needed for the tasks. Additional adventures might involve kayaking, off trail hiking. Midway through the program or at the end a great group meal is served featuring organic meats and vegetables.

Approx Pricing is $85.00 per person for a group of 16 or more.

Here’s a brief list of the groups we have provided Team Survivor for:

  • Baobab Project
  • Morgan State University
  • Aquinas Academy
  • Capitol Hill Day School
  • The Hill School
  • John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth
  • YMCA’s
  • Whole Foods Inc.
  • NAZ Farm
  • Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts
  • Penn Point University
  • North Carroll Community School
  • Salon Laurie
  • University of Maryland Salisbury

Mini Team Survivor – Groups of 12 or more
This is an abbreviated version of the full day program. It is normally about 3 hours. It can include lunch as an option. Groups hike into a backcountry area and proceeed to follow instructions and accomplish tasks like build a fire, set up a shelter, boil water and create a group performance of a song, dance story or chant. Approx Pricing is $25 per person for a group of 12.

Kayak Tour and Hiking – Multi Sport Adventure Day
This is for groups that want to go hiking and kayaking in the same day.  We split your group and take half the group kayaking and half the group hiking in the morning. We meet for a nice barbecue picnic lunch and swap activities in the afternoon. Morning and afternoon hikes can vary in difficulty to suit your groups abilitiy. This is a fun full day for groups sizes up to 50.


Wild Caving at Laurel Caverns
This is a guided adventure to Laurel Caverns and features caving in the wild section of the cavern. Cost is $40 per person and includes lunch. Tour time is 3-4 hours and is for moderately fit groups.

Farm Programs
We offer a large variety of farm programs and partner with the Backbone Farm. A day (or two) on the farm can feature camping as well as workshops and experiences ranging from cooking demos, to hands on farming, learning about mycology and mushroom cultivation, woods walks, EARTH Arts projects, organic farming principals and techniques, orienteering, medicine shields, mandala workshop, and more. Farm Day Camp 2018 – For Kids

Custom Hiking Programs
We offer two great 4 hour hikes into Marylands finest backcountry areas. The Middle Fork of The Savage is a remote hike into the Middle Fork Wildlands. Hike features pristine forest and remote surroundings. Casual learning along the trail in backcountry travel, edible plants and survival psychology.

Big Savage Mountain Climb is a more physical hike to the summit of Big Savage Mountain. This 4 hour tour features lunch atop Maryland’s second highest peak. Gorgeous views and a great experience for urban bound folks looking to discover and experience the reward of climbing a mountain.

Testimonials and Feedback From Team Survivors
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Dear All Earth,

It’s Been a while since I’ve been in touch been swamped w/work. A good theme song for us would be “I will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor. I have included some quotes from some of the girls about their experience of the outing. If any more respond I will forward them to you.

“I actually enjoyed it very much. It reminded me how out of shape I was (I did the hiking) but it was all good. I am a very outdoors person so I loved it.”

“I really enjoyed the team building survivor event. The exercise was definitely good for me. Also, it taught us a lot about team work, which we all know is important working for BBC. Who says you can’t have fun and learn something at the same time?

“Since I have only been with the company a year it gave me a chance to get to know everyone a little better. The outing as a whole was great!!! When can we do it again? Thanks to all who made it possible.”

“I really liked it. I thought it was fun and interesting something that I have never done. For some of us it as a great challenge and great opportunity to work together as a team.”

“I wanted to see the bear. I really enjoyed the team survivor challenge, it was fun and different. I like doing the outdoor thing because it mixes it up and it’s something that we wouldn’t normally do. I really liked kayaking (I’ve never done that before) and trying to get a fire started was pretty cool. he hiking was good as well and gathering the items in the woods, I also think it was the company we had with each other too (You, Me, Mona and Margaret for most of it…lol). ”

“I thought it was good overall. There was enough help there to help guide us through some of the things. One thing that would have been nice is to be able to see some of the sub groups do their challenges (like the canoeing). Location was great, and the food was good too!”

“I enjoyed it very much, especially seeing a bear in the wild something I’ve never experienced & that I will never forget. Definitely throws you into working together as a team to accomplish your task. Iit would have been nice to see some of the other sub group do their challenges, but I suppose with the way the game’s set up it would be nearly impossible. The location was beautiful & the staff & food was great.”

J Riley Senior Project Accountant
Walter Reed Medical Center
Annapolis Junction Reston East Pointe

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