The technique of kayaking is about an off-set paddle blade~

Why should I feather/offset my touring paddle?

“Paddle Feather or Offset is the angle between the left and right blades. A paddle with Zero feather will lay flat on the ground. We believe a feathered paddle is chosen to support your individual paddling style. When the proper angle of feathering is chosen, your wrists will stay close to a neutral position (in alignment with your forearm), reducing the need to bend your wrist and thus reducing fatigue. During the transition from the right stroke to the left, with your right hand fixed on the shaft remaining in alignment with your forearm, the shaft will twist a certain number of degrees based on your particular style. A low top hand in the low angle style uses a lower degree of offset to support neutral wrist alignment. Suggested 0 to 45. A higher top hand in the high angle style is uses more degree of feathering to keep your wrist neutrally aligned. Suggested 45 to 60.  A paddle that is feathered to your style will be one that positions the left blade ready to take a stroke after the transition from right to left. There are many strong opinions on why feathering is used. Wind is often cited as the main reason. “Feathered paddles work best when paddling into the wind.” That is very logical but is not supported in side winds or tail winds. While we believe the reason for feathering is to support neutral wrist alignment we support whatever works best for individuals that are comfortable paddling. Have fun, without injury or excess fatigue, and we’re happy.”

From Werner Paddle Company

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